• Nicholas Pallesen

Permission to do you? Granted.

This quote hit me in a new way today...⠀

In my former performer life, I often reflected on what factors distinguished a student/ “young artist" from an "emerged" artist. While you could certainly argue for many factors, I noticed one common theme:⠀

Artists fully owned and expressed the choices that felt authentic to them regardless of what others thought. Students and young artists were often more concerned with replicating what their teachers, coaches, and others told them was the "right" artistic choice.⠀

I remember as a young artist, I constantly felt like I needed permission to play and sing a character how I did. And while I had success, it wasn't until I started bringing my own ideas to the table and living without apology that things really took off in my career.⠀

This quote got me thinking: if I did better doing me rather than a teacher's version of me, then why wouldn't I just do me all the time? Is it really a courageous act to think for ourselves aloud?⠀

Well, yes - if you think you need other's permission or approval to do so.⠀

But what if we don't need their permission?⠀

IMO, we think we need permission because:

1) We think what others think impacts our fundamental identity/wellbeing and

2) We often think others know better than us what's best for us.⠀

But people's opinions of us and our choices can't make us more or less okay. Our wellbeing doesn't depend on anything - it just is.⠀

And when it comes to you, no one in this world is wiser than you. No person's best ideas about you can ever trump your inner knowing.⠀

When I retired from performing, many people told me I was making a "stupid" choice I'd deeply regret. But I knew what was right for me. 19 months later, I'm still proving them wrong😁

Friends, you can be productive or not productive. Feel whatever you feel. Go to the grad school or college that feels right to you. Change your mind. Change your career. Be happy even in the midst of a global pandemic. Exercise or not. Wear the same clothes five days in a row. Whatever feels true to you.

People will think what they think no matter what. And you'll be okay no matter what.⠀

So go ahead. Think for yourself. Aloud.⠀

But you really don't need my permission.😉 ❤️


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