• Nicholas Pallesen

The Awesomeness of Now

In case the photo got you worried, no, this isn't an ode to deodorant...😂

It's an ode to Here and Now.⠀

There's no better place, methinks. It's the only place we can be, actually. Because Now is all there really is!⠀

I think we often underestimate the awesomeness of Now. We think our power and security lie everywhere *but* Now: Understanding our past or knowing what's going to happen in the future.⠀

But here's the problem: The past doesn't exist outside of thought. Five seconds ago is as over as Ancient Rome. We aren't our past. We are Now.⠀

And the future? Fantasy Island. At best, a guess. If this pandemic has taught us anything, it's that we've never really known what was going to happen. We just blissfully lived under the illusion that we did.⠀

Friends, anything that isn't Now is pure imagination. ⠀

But Now is solid ground. Now is What Is. Now is the only place we can take action. All our resourcefulness and resilience lie here, Now. Our creative aliveness is, well...most alive Now. Now is where you'll find your answers and the next step. Now is where our inner GPS functions best. Because we're designed to work best in real-time, in Now.⠀

So if you find yourself caught up in the land of make-believe we call the past or future, that's cool. We humans all do that sometimes! Even me, and I teach this shit! Just remember that what you're looking for isn't where you're looking.⠀

And as best you can, allow your mind to come back to Now. Be here, Now. And notice. ⠀

Here and Now, in this moment, you're safe. You're okay.⠀

Welcome Home.❤️


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