• Nicholas Pallesen

You Are the Magic

I had a beautiful conversation with an "influencer" the other day.⠀

She's a super cool woman with a huge heart and big dreams she wants to bring into the world. As we finished our chat, she said:⠀

"You're the first coach I've talked to who didn't spend the whole time talking to me about strategies. I appreciate that!"⠀

Wait. Aren't coaches supposed to help people formulate plans? Give them tangible tools to achieve their goals?⠀

Some coaches do that. But there's a WAY more valuable conversation, IMHO.⠀

I'm more interested in helping people awaken to the creative aliveness they're made of. That deeper source of life and possibility within them that gave birth to their dreams. Because from that space, any strategy or structure we need along the way naturally finds us.⠀

In a world where "best practices" are the gold standard, I'd rather help people reconnect with their inner GPS and trust that the true "best practice" is the one that feels best to them, right now.⠀

Strategies can be helpful tools! But we often treat them like the catalyst and put the cart before the horse. I see people more worried about what filters to use, crafting a perfect call to action, finding the "right" way to practice their music or craft, copying a social media formula, or writing juicy “content”, thinking THAT's the golden ticket. And you can often feel when people are coming from a space of "reverse engineering" rather than freshness. ⠀

It reminds me of musicians who are so obsessed with technique and getting it "right" that they forget to say something. ⠀

Great, you played "correctly"! Woot. But you kinda missed the point of what music is really about! 🤷‍♂️⠀

The magic isn't in the technique, friends. It's in the source behind the technique.⠀

YOU are the source. You're what grows your business and makes your art come alive. When you come from authenticity, love, and pure desire, everything you create is flavored with that. People can't help but feel that in every word you type, system you build, note you play, or product you create. They're drawn to that aliveness. And tada! There's your business 😊⠀

Oh, and in case you were wondering about the influencer I spoke with? Shortly after our conversation, she sent me this email:

Doesn't look like not talking strategies was a problem 😉

Where are YOU coming from, friends? ⠀

My invitation? Start from YOU. From there, you'll never go wrong. ❤️


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