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Have you ever accidentally driven a car with the emergency brake on?

You can still get places, but with way more effort and resistance. And the further you drive, you run a greater risk of burning out the brakes and losing control of the vehicle.

That’s the perfect description for most of my life.

For years, I was a Type A, overachieving control freak determined to Hustle Like a Boss. And I wasn’t about to let that whole “being human” thing stop me from Making. Stuff. Happen! So I did lots of therapy and became the biggest personal development junkie I knew hoping to "fix" myself. I’ve even got a gazillion certifications in self-help and psychology modalities to prove it!

And I made stuff happen! I rose to the upper levels of the opera world as a performer. I became a highly sought-after Board Certified Hypnotist. I had a life that on paper looked pretty awesome.


And wow, was it exhausting!


I frequently felt anxious, burnt out, and one life curveball away from spinning completely out of control - even though I supposedly knew every strategy in the book to prevent it! And while I achieved many of my goals, I could never actually enjoy them. Because it was always about The Next Thing. There was always somewhere better to get. "Here" was never enough. And I was never enough.

Until one day, I stumbled across a simple understanding of how life works that rocked my entire world. I suddenly realized that life was simpler than I ever imagined. That thriving in the world didn't have to be a constant uphill battle. And most of all: That there's nothing to fix, because no one's broken.

Life hasn’t been the same since.

The mountains of my life became molehills. Life became a playground to explore, not a gauntlet to conquer. Hustle, struggle, and stress gave way to effortless productivity, clarity, and peace of mind. I feel more alive, more me than ever.

Now I help others take off the emergency brake. Because without it, you run much more smoothly. And you can go anywhere.

Life is a completely different game to play when you realize you're already Home.

And now for some Random Facts!

1. I’m a former Opera Man. I trained in opera at the famed Juilliard School in New York City and performed at the Metropolitan Opera, English National Opera, and other companies throughout the US and Europe. And after over a decade in the spotlight, I realized I really came alive helping others shine. So, I retired from performing in 2018, and watching my clients transform thrills me more than any standing ovation I ever received.

2. I can make people very, very sleepy. And hopefully not because I'm boring, lol! For years, I've worked as a Board Certified Hypnotist. I’ve hypnotized over 2,000 people and am proud to say I never made anyone cluck like a chicken! Hypnosis isn't about losing control, it's about gaining control over those parts of your life and mind that felt out of control before.

3. I wasn’t kidding about the gazillion self-help certifications! On top of hypnosis, I’m trained in NLP, personality typology, life coaching, cognitive psychology, EFT, Laughter Yoga (yes, it’s an actual thing!), and much more. I don't use them anymore in an effort to "fix" people; I use them as a flashlight to help shine a light on people's innate wholeness and help them discover the strengths and resources they already have.

4. I’m obsessed with fun socks. I have entire two drawers at home filled with them! It’s kinda my thing.

5. I’m a proud Dad of two pugs, Izzy and Zoey. Aren’t they just freaking adorable?!

6. I grew up in Southern California outside Los Angeles. And yes, In-n-Out IS the best (Double Double Animal Style all the way!)

7. You’ll often find me outside. I love being in nature. If I’m anywhere near a good hike, you bet I’ll be on it. My dream is to one day move to the mountains and have a house on a lake.

8. I’m into local food joints and coffee shops. I love hunting for local eats and coffee on my travels. So if you ever need recs, I’m your man!

9. I regularly think I’m an imposter. I also feel anxious, insecure, and low from time to time. And I overthink more than I’d like to admit!

Here’s a secret: I’m not some Enlightened Super Human™. And I would never expect you to be, either. I feel all the feels, and life gives me hard knocks sometimes, too. Just like you.


But here’s the cool thing: None of that scares me anymore. It no longer feels like a flaw I need to fix, and it doesn’t stop me from getting things done and living the life I want.


And I’d love to help you do that, too.

Enough about me! 

How can I support you?

The Official Bio

Learn more about Nicholas's background as a Transformative Coach, Peak Performance Specialist, and Speaker.

For over a decade, Nicholas Pallesen has helped people from all walks of life step out of their problems into a playground of possibilities. His clients call him the “Coach for the Soul” for his ability to help them fall in love with their humanity and unleash their innate potential. As a Transformative Coach, Nicholas lovingly challenges the cultural paradigm of mental health and self-help and invites people to consider that living our best life is simpler than we think. Every day, he has a front-row seat to watching clients create changes and results that looked impossible to them before.

A Juilliard trained, former Metropolitan Opera Baritone, Nicholas understands peak performance firsthand. After spending over a decade in the international spotlight as a singer, he now helps performing artists and athletes shine under the brightest lights and in the biggest arenas. His Mental Freedom Masterclasses have inspired and impacted people at conservatories, training programs, and conferences throughout the US. Nicholas is currently on faculty for mental wellness and mental performance at the New World Symphony in Miami.


When he’s not supporting others with their dreams, you’ll find him hanging out with his wife and two pugs, exploring local food and coffee shops on his travels, adding to his fun sock collection, and cheering on his beloved Florida Gators.

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