“I contacted Nicholas about seeking relief from career-related anxieties. I wasn’t expecting the life transformation that followed... What a relief it has been to put down the burden of trying to ‘cultivate’ mental toughness, wisdom, confidence, connection with other humans… and to see for myself that these traits are innate in all of us."


I help people create changes and results that looked impossible to them before.

Welcome to the conversation of your life!

I often describe my work as "Soul Coaching for Practical People."

Because when I coach people, we dive deep. And lives transform. But it's not a "tell me about your childhood / find the root cause" kind of deep. We get to the heart of how life works. We explore who you really are underneath all those stories of who you think you are. 


I point people away from the ever-churning waves of their psychology and towards the vast sea of clarity, wisdom, resilience, and wellbeing that's always alive in them. Because that's the real you. And the answers you're seeking are there.


I don't fix people. I help you see you were never broken


You won't find quick fixes or magic pills here. I'm interested in helping you navigate life from more solid ground and create lasting, sustainable change. And I do it all with love, integrity, and lightheartedness. Because nobody's got time for jerks!


My clients often say I'm their biggest cheerleader! They love that I believe in them and see their innate wholeness and brilliance. And they love that I refuse to buy into their old stories. 


Now, it's not always comfortable. It might seem a bit "woo" and abstract in a world that prizes practical strategies and 7 Steps to Success. It may look too simple. I know - I used to believe all those things!


But if you're open to looking, you'll discover that nothing could be more practical. And what you see for yourself offers lasting impact far beyond any therapies, tools, or techniques.


Life feels more like floating down the river on a raft rather than carrying the raft on your back as you trudge upstream against the current. Gone is the hustle of feeling like there's always somewhere to "get." No more pressure to be superhuman or do All. The. Things. ⠀

In its place? More living from your heart. Taking up your space. Simplicity. Lightness. Unleashed passion and creativity. Effortless productivity. Endless potential. ⠀

And that's the space where magic happens.

My Process


1. We explore the nature of being human and how that relates to your goals.

2. You see something new for yourself.

3. Your life transforms as a result of what you see.

Coaching Programs

Here are my favorite ways to work with clients, but everything is customized to the individual and their goals. Contact me and let’s chat about how I might be able to best support you!


You, 2.0

A 4 Month Personal Transformation Journey

Are you ready to make a change? Have a dream or goal you want to make reality? My signature coaching program will help you have more clarity, break free from your fears, take up your space in the world, reconnect to your intuition, and live life fully unleashed.

Total Mental


Peak Performance Coaching for Athletes and Performing Artists

Looking to perform more consistently at your best? This 1 month program will help you discover the simple solution to peak performance and thrive under the brightest lights and in the biggest arenas…the way you always knew you could.


The best way for you to really understand what’s on offer is to experience it. I love starting with a simple, free coaching conversation. Many people find they begin to transform after that initial conversation, and for those that want to go deeper, we can talk more about what working together would look like.

Our conversations take place online from anywhere in the world via Zoom or in-person in the Washington, DC Metro area.

Could a simple conversation really change everything for you?

There's only one way to find out!