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I don't fix people. I help them see they were never broken.

When I'm asked to describe my approach to coaching, I'm reminded of the story of Michelangelo working on his masterpiece sculpture, David. The legend goes that Michelangelo found a large, imperfect piece of marble. As soon as he saw it,

"I saw the angel in the marble,

and I carved until I set him free."



While I’ll never claim to possess (or ever expect to get!) Michelangelo’s immense skills and genius, I do think I have one thing in common with him:

I see a David inside every client sitting in front of me.

Not because I think it’s a nice method for coaching clients, but because I know it’s true.

Though I might not know you, there are a couple things I already know to be true about you, because they are true for every human being:

  • You are whole, well, mentally healthy, unbreakable, and complete by nature.

  • You are extremely capable of convincing yourself you’re not.


Your default, “home” setting is peace of mind, wellbeing, and love. Your true essence is confidence, resilience, creativity, wisdom, and happiness. You are overflowing with everything you need to have a wonderful life and achieve your goals. The only reason it doesn’t look or feel that way? Because we’ve accumulated a bunch of ideas and stories along our path about who we are and how life works that look really compelling, but actually aren't true.

You are confident, resilient, creative, wise, happy, & peaceful by nature.

My job as a coach is to help people see through all their stories masquerading as truth and bring out the awesomeness, creativity, and power they always had within. You could say I point people back “home” to themselves– even if they didn’t know they were lost.

But there’s one way you’re NOT like the David: setting you free doesn’t require a bunch of chipping away. You don’t need to excavate the past, develop better strategies to control your thoughts, cultivate confidence or resilience, or get tools to change your unwanted feelings and create better ones.

As your understanding deepens of how the human experience and your mind actually works, many of your old beliefs, labels, and limitations begin to effortlessly fall away on their own. It stops making sense to carry on with habits and behaviors that weren’t serving you. You settle down into a natural place of wellbeing, where performance, creativity, and problem solving are effortless. Life feels more like a game to play rather than a Ninja Warrior gauntlet to conquer. You know that you’re always OK, no matter what. And from that space, anything is possible.

“And maybe I had been so busy looking for the pieces- I never noticed I was already together.”


Ready to find your way back "home?"

Let's talk.

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