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Doesn't the meme say it all?

Have you ever noticed that when people ask, "How are you?", we often don't actually answer that question? ⠀ We almost always reply by answering a different question: "What are you doing?"⠀ "How are you?" "Great! I'm doing this this this this this this and that. I'm crazy busy, but it's all good stuff!"⠀ Is it any wonder then why so many people buy in to the story that who we are = what we do and how well, or how much, we do it? My friends, you are not your resume, no matter how full or sparse it is. Whatever it is you're up to in the world? It's something you do. And I bet it's a pretty darn cool and amazing something you do! Please keep doing it! But know that it's not who you are.⠀ Who you are is FAR more than that. 😊⠀ I've noticed that when people really see this for themselves, it unleashes them to create and play in the world full out, and everything they do is flavored with more pure aliveness and authenticity.⠀ And besides- I'm no authority on this, but I've heard a rumor that when we die, there's no trophy given out for the fastest runner on the treadmill 😁 Or most Instagram followers. Or most lines on the resume.⠀ Let's stop the glorification of "hustle" and "busy". Let's stop thinking that what we do or don't do defines our worth and value. Because it doesn't. Not one bit.⠀ And while we're at it, let's start actually answering, "How are you?" with how we're doing. Imagine the gorgeous human connection that would bring? ❤️⠀


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