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Everyone poops! How cool is that?!

Don't tell anyone, but this was my favorite book growing up! (Really!)⠀ I loved the simple, fun reminder that there are things we do that we might not understand or like, but they aren't a weird "us" problem. We're not screwed up because we do them. ⠀ Because everyone poops. It's just something we do.⠀ And it's a great reminder to me that we're *all* human.⠀ You know that conductor, director, coach, teacher, agent, boss, colleague, or family member that intimidates you or makes you feel less than? ⠀ They poop. Just like you.⠀ Isn't that cool to remember?⠀ I bet you'll never see those people the same way again 😉⠀ And you know what else everyone does besides poop?⠀ They get stressed. They feel insecure. They feel anxious. They feel depressed. They worry. They care what others think. They feel afraid to take action. They overthink. They think they aren't good enough. Their ego gets the best of them sometimes. They judge others and themselves. They do and say things they regret. They forget birthdays.⠀ (Wait, I just described the past 5 days for me! 😂 Woohoo, I poop, too!! 🎉 )⠀ It's SO easy to think you're the only one that does that stuff. That you're a hot mess, and everyone else has their 💩 together (see what I did there?)⠀ But in this sense, I'm #sorrynotsorry to say, you're not special. You. Are. Normal!⠀ Everyone poops.⠀ There's much talk today of "ending the stigma". I think that's wonderful and I support that 1000%! But in my very humble opinion, as long as we keep talking about everything I listed above as a defect or sign of disorder, there will always be stigma.⠀ But could you imagine what would happen to stigma if we started talking about these things as normal parts of the human experience? That feeling anxious is just as normal as pooping?⠀ I've watched years of guilt, anxiety, shame, and depression fall away from my clients as they've come to see this for themselves. And it's transformed my life in ways words can't fully express. But I don't think we got lucky. Freedom and peace of mind is available to all who are willing to take a fresh look at how we see mental health.⠀ So, you poop thoughts and feelings sometimes? That's okay. Me, too. Everybody does.

You're not broken. You're human. ❤️❤️


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