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You are enough. No, really!

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

A friend and client reached out to me recently, and I thought I'd share my response to her just in case you needed the reminder, too ❤️

Isn't it pretty darn cool to know that we're enough, whether we feel it or not?

It's kinda like the sun. We don't see it for several hours of the day. But does that mean it left us or doesn't exist anymore?

Of course not.

It's always there, even when we don't see it. It's just that sometimes, something blocks our view of it.

And that's the same with us. Our wellbeing and worthiness are always present. It's just harder to feel when we're caught up in our noisy thinking about ourselves or life.

But make no mistake, we never lost it. It never leaves us. It's always there, like the vast, infinite sea of stillness ever-present beneath the choppy waves on the surface.

And here's a seriously life-changing implication of wellbeing always being there:

Your "enoughness" Isn't. Your. Job.

Someone recently shared an excerpt from a book that said we needed to "cultivate an inner flame of worthiness on our own.", we don't.

You can't cultivate what you already are.

Worthiness isn't an achievement unlocked. Like I said in the text, it's a done deal. Never up for grabs. Non-negotiable.

Not because you accomplished anything. Or had a certain number of followers on Instagram.

And ready to have your mind blown?

Not even because you are you.

You're worthy because who you truly are is the pure aliveness and creative energy of life that gave rise to "you". You're the sea beneath the waves. You were worthy long before you even knew there was a "you".

The game of life changes ENTIRELY when you see that "enough" isn't an accomplishment - it's your birthright.

So no, friends: You don't need to cultivate an inner flame of worthiness. Your worthiness is an eternal flame, burning brightly even as you read this. Even when you don't feel it.

Isn't that beautiful to know? ❤️


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