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Transformational Coach. Mental Performance Consultant. Speaker. “The Artist Whisperer”. Metropolitan Opera Baritone. Award-Winning, Internationally Performing Artist. Ready to help you along your journey to “I Am Enough”.

Meet Nicholas

I help people stop being afraid of their own humanity and show up more fully in the world.

Every person is born with innate mental health and wellbeing. They also have an innate capacity for confidence, creativity, wisdom, insight, resilience, joy, success, and peace. Some people don’t realize that. Others think they can’t have those things because they aren’t worthy or haven’t worked hard enough. Some just haven’t yet figured out how to connect with them. But they’re always there and available to everyone.

Anxiety, stress, fear, and other similar feelings are a normal part of being human, but they don’t in any way have to restrict someone from living a free and joyful life. There is a future in which people don’t have to control or manage their anxiety, fear, or stress.

I know at times it may seem as if your problems are bigger than you and insurmountable. They look that way to me sometimes, too. But I’ve got great news: There is hope, and there is a way forward. And contrary to what the world often tells us, there’s nothing you really need to do in order to change. But there is something to see, and once you see that, you wake up to your true nature and start living fully unleashed.

I help people from all walks of life wake up to their own inner potential and share that potential in the world. Over the years, I’ve helped people overcome performance anxiety and stage fright, conquer everyday stress and anxiety, find freedom from panic attacks, improve confidence, unleash creativity, navigate career changes and other life decisions, change unwanted habits, improve relationships, sleep better, overcome fears, find peace and healing from trauma, and much more. Whatever your needs and goals, I’m here to help.

To be honest, the process is pretty simple:

We have a conversation. You hear and see something new. Your life transforms.

That’s really it.

Here’s the slightly longer answer: Our work involves a conversation centered around a simple yet profound understanding of how we work as human beings and exploring principles that are universally true for every person. As you deepen your understanding of how you work, you’ll notice your relationship with your challenges changing and you can leverage that understanding to overcome those challenges and play full out in life with more ease, freedom, and clarity.

My goal is to create a space where you can more freely access the answers and insight you already have within you. Your job is simply to look in the direction I’m pointing as best as you can and see what you see that’s new. And since change doesn’t have to be an uphill battle, I’m always looking to keep things simple and enjoyable – so we’ll probably have a lot of fun along the way, too!

Work With Me

I offer three programs to help individuals and groups get the results that matter to them. Read below for more information.


Personal Transformation Coaching

Break free from your fears and challenges and start living life on your terms. Discover who you truly are underneath all the noise of who you try to be.

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Overcoming Performance Anxiety and Stage Fright

Put your fears behind you and start thriving under the brightest lights and the biggest stages…the way you knew you could.

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Residencies and Masterclasses for Organizations

Empower your organization, program, or group with the knowledge needed to get more results in life and career with less effort.

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“I’m so grateful for Nicholas for all he has done for me, for my fellow colleagues and for the future of many young artists out there. I highly recommend his work for anyone looking to “get out of their own way”. Thank you, Nicholas!!”

Sandra Piques Eddy, Mezzo Soprano, Metropolitan Opera

“The day after I finished graduate school, I won the position of Fourth Chair, Second Violin in the St. Louis Symphony. It is the job of my dreams, and though it’s still hard to believe this is all real, I know I can credit much of my audition success to my work with Nicholas. I think it’s a terrible mistake to underestimate the importance of mental training. Take control of your mind with Nicholas. I promise you won’t regret it!”

Andrea Jarrett, Violin, St. Louis Symphony

“This work is a valuable resource to everyone, and Nicholas is a perfect vessel to continue to pass it on; I am beyond grateful to him for having showed me an entire new way to live and work.”

Alexandra Loutsion, Soprano

“While I knew that I had wanted to transform as a player, I didn’t know how much I needed transform as a person first. I can’t recommend this work enough, and I have Nicholas to thank for showing me such a valuable tool that completely transformed every aspect of my life.”

Anna Brumbaugh, Clarinet, Principal Clarinet, Florida Grand Opera Orchestra

“I am a better artist and person because of this work and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to take their artistry to the next level.”

Deanna Breiwick, Soprano
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