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Nicholas Pallesen




Create a life you love that feels authentic and fun without the hustle and struggle!

Let me show you how.

If you're here, I'm guessing you've got big dreams and a big heart. And you’re wondering if this Nicholas guy can help you make those dreams a reality. Well, experience has shown me there's a good chance I can help you! But probably not how you expect. 


When people hire a coach or mentor, they’re often looking for someone to give them the latest cutting-edge anxiety-busting tools, productivity hacks, and 7 Steps to #liveyourbestlife.

But can we just cut to the chase? I’m guessing you’ve already done the Self-Help Hustle. And if it worked, you probably wouldn't be here on my website, right?

So if you want different results, maybe it's time to look at your goals and challenges from a different angle? Perhaps the answer isn’t giving yourself more to do, but taking things off your plate? Maybe it’s not about finding better tools, but taking a fresh look at the rules you’re using to navigate life?

That’s where I come in.

I help people step out of their problems into a playground of possibilities.

The truth is: You already have everything you need. You are whole, mentally healthy, creative, confident, wise, and resilient by nature. Right now. As is. The only thing getting in your way is a common misunderstanding of how we, and life, actually work.


But seeing life with fresh eyes changes your entire world. You can live more fully and joyfully in the present while still playfully pursuing your future dreams. Performance, creativity, productivity, and problem-solving become effortless. You feel more deeply connected to the peace of mind, inner wisdom, and wellbeing you've always had. You show up more authentically in the world, no longer held back by fear.


You feel more alive. You feel home. All because of a simple, yet profound conversation. And all you need is an open mind, a dash of curiosity, and a deep desire to see more of yourself and life than you ever imagined possible. 

Are you game?


"Nicholas’ simple, yet powerful, work is life changing. Through our work together, I’ve come to find more value and respect for the ‘here & now’. I’ve come to a deep understanding that the mind is made to work best in real time. That no matter the circumstances, thoughts, or feelings of that particular day, my capacity for showing up for life, for true aliveness, and for greatness is always within me, no matter what. This understanding alone has helped me find more joy, freedom and trust in the power of my instincts. The work Nicholas is doing is so important and much needed in our world.”


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