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Total Mental Freedom

Shifting the Paradigm of Mental Performance

You've probably heard the saying, “Less is more”? I think it's great advice for all of life.

When it comes to performance psychology though, doesn't it often feels like the mantra is, “More is more”?

Find a pre-performance/pre-game routine. Manage the pressure. Focus on this, not that. Channel your energy into something positive. Quiet the monkey mind. Get in the “zone.” Visualize success. Do affirmations. Center. Reframe your nerves as excitement. And so on. All in the name of cultivating “mental toughness”. And all on top of everything else you already have to think about as an athlete or performer.


I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted just reading that! Is it any wonder so many people struggle? 

Tell me: When you’ve felt “in the zone” or like you were “on,” what was that experience like? Most artists and athletes I know say something like:


  •  “It felt like I wasn’t thinking, working, or doing anything.

  • It felt so organic - like everything just flowed out of me.”


In other words, it felt effortless – like you weren’t the one making it happen.


Isn't it fair to say that we perform better in all aspects of life when we have less on their mind and aren’t pushing so hard? So knowing that, does it make sense to you to give yourself more to think about and do?

I wonder if cultivating "mental toughness" actually makes things tougher on us?

If it's okay with you, I'd like to take some things off your plate! Because if you're struggling to perform consistently at your best, I don't think it's an issue of you not working hard enough, doing the wrong techniques, not caring enough, or something being fundamentally wrong with you.


If anything, you're probably working too hard. But only because you were taught to do that. And I'm here to tell you there's way less to do than you think. Less really is more.


I believe you already have everything you need for peak performance. Resilience, mental toughness, wellbeing, instinct, and a capacity to succeed are qualities you were born with, not skills you have to learn or develop. With that as your starting point, overcoming performance anxiety and nerves becomes easier than you ever imagined. And when you're not so preoccupied trying to think and feel the “right” things, you're free to just show up, be in the moment, and do your thing - the way you always knew you could.

My philosophy, in a nutshell:


How It Works:

  • We'll meet for 2 sessions a day over two days, with time for reflection in between sessions

  • ​We'll follow up with two sessions over the next 30 days to help solidify our work together and explore what comes up for you along the way

  • At the conclusion of the month, we'll check in to see how to best support you moving forward.

I've designed this to be a one month program for two reasons:

  1.  People generally contact me because of a specific game, audition, performance, or speech coming up, so this format helps them get the most possible impact in the shortest amount of time. NB: You don't have to have something specific coming up in order though to get the most out of this program.

  2. After over a decade of working with countless performers and athletes, I've found that people generally don't need longer than a month to get the transformation they're looking for.


Why 2 days in the beginning? It gives us a chance to get you on more solid ground as soon as possible. And quite frankly, something magical and powerful happens when we get the chance to work together over a focused, intensive period. I've found we can often get to the same place in 2 days that would normally take 2-3 months to achieve with the traditional weekly coaching session format. 


And let's face it: Chances are, you probably have something coming up that you don't want to leave to chance. If you could get results in 2 days instead of months, wouldn't you just rather do that?

So if you’re ready, I’d love to help get you on the road to mental freedom!