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Performance and Audition Freedom

A Fresh, New Way of Thinking About Performance Anxiety & Stage Fright

You've probably heard the saying, “Less is more”?


As a performer, I've seen how much power there is in simplicity. Sometimes the biggest impact comes from stillness or the subtlest gestures or inflections of tone.


When it comes to performance psychology though, have you noticed that the popular idea seems to be, “More is more”?


Find a pre-performance/pre-game routine. Learn to manage the pressure. Focus on this, not that. Channel your energy into something positive. Quiet the monkey mind. Get in the “zone.” Visualize success. Do affirmations. Center. Reframe your nerves as excitement. And so on. All in the name of cultivating “mental toughness”.


I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted just reading that! Is it any wonder so many artists struggle?


Tell me: When you’ve felt “in the zone” or like you were “on,” what was that experience like? If you’re like most artists I know, you’d probably say something like:


  •  “It felt like I wasn’t thinking, working, or doing anything.

  • It felt so organic, like everything just flowed out of me.”


In other words, it felt effortless – like you weren’t the one making it happen.


We perform better in all aspects of life when we have less on their mind and aren’t pushing so hard. So, does it make sense to you to give yourself more to think about and do if the goal is to think and do less?

I wonder if cultivating "mental toughness" is actually making things tougher on us? 


I'd love to take things off your plate, because I think it's simpler and way less work than we've made it out to be.  

I believe you already have everything you need to perform your best. In my coaching, I share simple yet powerful principles about how our mind works and how that relates to peak performance. Once you get clearer on how we actually work and what we've all got going for us, you realize that resilience, mental toughness, and a capacity to succeed are qualities we were born with rather than skills we have to learn or develop. Overcoming performance and audition anxiety becomes easier than you ever imagined.


You start to see that there are no inherently “high pressure” situations we must manage. You no longer need to get into a certain mindset or “zone.” And because you're not trying so hard to think and feel the “right” things, you're free to just show up, do your thing, and share what you know you’re capable of.

So, I don't help performers get "mental toughness". I help them have mental freedom.

My philosophy, in a nutshell:


Over the years, I’ve become known for my ability to help performing artists find peace of mind in everyday life and thrive on the biggest stages and under the brightest lights. And having performed at some of the top opera companies in the world myself, when I tell artists, “I get it,” I mean it.


Artists who have worked with me have:


  • Booked jobs on Broadway

  • Won positions in many top orchestras, theaters, dance, and opera companies around the world

  • Appeared in Hollywood films and TV shows including "Orange is the New Black"

  • Won several of the major classical music competitions (vocal and instrumental)

  • Been accepted into various prestigious music conservatories and musical theater schools in the US and Europe

My Performance and Audition Freedom program includes regularly scheduled coaching sessions, email and text support, and laser coaching sessions as needed, generally over a period of 3-6 months. Shorter, intensive periods are available for people looking to prepare for a imminent audition or performance. Let's chat and discuss the best option for you.

Would you like for nerves to stop stopping you from being your best? I’d love to help!