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You do YOU.

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

Does that quote resonate with you?

One of my "talents" (in quotes because I'm not always sure it's a good thing!) is modeling other people. As a young singer, I remember easily and fervently copying the sound of my hero baritones.⠀ When I started out as a hypnotherapist, my work was a dead ringer for one of my hypnosis teachers, Melissa Tiers. When I first changed directions in my coaching work, I did a solid impersonation of my main mentor, Michael Neill for awhile.⠀ Part of it was simply not knowing what the hell I was doing! But mostly, I didn't think I was enough to stand on my own merits. I thought the magic was in modeling success. While I certainly helped people, I didn't quite make the consistent, deep impact I hoped for. Something felt off. Until one day, I realized the problem:⠀ I was trying to be Melissa Tiers or Michael Neill.

But I'm not Melissa or Michael. They are. I'm Nicholas.⠀ If I was really going to make an impact, I needed to stop being the second Melissa or Michael and be the first Nicholas.⠀ So I started showing up as me in my coaching work. Boy, was it messy at first! But funnily enough, the mess made it all even better! Because now it was MY mess and real.⠀ And would you know, the impact of my work went through the roof!⠀ Tell me: Are there areas of your life where you feel like me or Steve Tenenbom? If so, I hope this sparks something for you:⠀ We humans CRAVE real. There is nothing more breathtaking and powerful in the world than you doing YOU.⠀ You are the creative energy and light of the Universe expressed through you and flavored with you. (Pretty cool, huh?) Your "you-ness" is your superpower. No person or thing can ever replicate or take that away. ⠀ That's where your true impact in the world lies. And your voice is worthy to be heard right NOW, as is. Promise. Something magical happens when people realize that their own voice carries more power than their best impersonations. When they stop catering to the whims of everyone's opinion and start owning their choices in their work and everyday lives. ⠀ Deeper connection. More meaningful impact. Unleashed aliveness, creativity, and expression.⠀ Pretty awesome, huh?⠀ I know, it might feel a bit scary. Sure, there's always the possibility that people might not like you being you. But that's the thing - it's always a possibility. That will be true no matter how you show up, right? That's universal, not personal.

So why not just show up as You?

I promise, the rewards far outweigh the risk. ⠀ I know this is the time of year where everyone starts to explore "New Year, New You" stuff. Here's my gentle plea:

Please don't let any "New You" goals include being the second anyone.⠀ Be the first You.⠀ Because when you are You, everybody wins ❤️


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