You, 2.0

A Personal Transformation Journey

“'What if you are already enough?' 'Why not you?' These are the kinds of questions you are welcomed to explore with Nicholas. When you no longer live as if your self-worth is always on the chopping block, you will find yourself showing up so much differently. Not just in your career or life but in your relationships with others, and your relationship with yourself.”


Do any of these sound like you? 

  • You feel weighed down by life and want to swim instead of just treading water

  • You’re a creative who's hungry to bring your visions out of your head and into the world

  • You want to stop living the life you think you “should” or are “supposed to” and start living the life you actually want

  • You feel called to make a meaningful difference in the world and want some direction and support

  • You’re ready to take the next step towards your dreams and put imposter syndrome and fear behind you

  • You want to bring more authenticity and that You Special Sauce to your life and work

  • You're looking for a deeper connection in your relationships.

  • You're already living a happy life, and are just curious to explore life’s deeper questions and possibilities


Did any of those make you say, "It Me"? Then this work is for you.


Create a life beyond your wildest dreams and live fully unleashed. 

Our work together is a space where the mountains of your life become molehills. Problems give way to possibilities. Where you can more deeply connect to that inner wisdom that's got your back and live a more guided, inspired life. And all those cool ideas in your head become reality.


​After our work together, you'll: 

  • Have more purpose and clarity about your goals and how to move forward

  • Take up your space in the world with more natural, lasting confidence

  • Move past insecurity, self-doubt, and fear (and the inner voices that hold you back)

  • Get more results with much less effort

  • Feel a deeper connection to life and in your relationships

  • Re-ignite the spark and enjoyment of life


“I started working with Nicholas to help me better manage my anxiety. Through his work, I’ve recognized that my anxiety is a lot smaller than it seemed, and I’ve been able to give myself permission to worry less about what other people think about me, or about making the “right” decisions, and to live my life the way I really want to. His coaching has also changed the way I relate to other people, and I feel like I’m more open and able to connect with people on a deeper level. My life, happiness, and my anxiety finally feel like they are in my control, which has been, honestly, pretty life-changing.”


How It Works (all sessions are online via Zoom or in-person):

  • We'll meet for 1-2 sessions a day over three days, with time for reflection in between sessions

  • ​We'll follow up with two sessions a month over the next three months to help solidify our work together and explore what comes up for you along the way

Why three days in the beginning? It gives us a chance to help you navigate life from more solid ground as soon as possible. And something magical and powerful happens when we work together over a focused, intensive period. I've found we can often get to the same place in 3 days that would typically take months to achieve with the traditional weekly coaching session format. Think of our initial intensive as a Sparkplug for the Soul -  a catalyst for lasting transformation.


And let's face it: Chances are, you're a busy person and hungry to create some change. If you had the chance to get results in 3 days instead of 3 months or more, wouldn't you just rather do that?

So if you’re ready, I’d love to help get you on the road to success!