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You, 2.0

A Personal Transformation Journey

Do any of these sound like you? 

  • You’re already doing pretty well in life and having success, yet you crave something more

  • You feel driven to make a meaningful difference in the world

  • You’re ready to take the next step, but are unsure which direction to go

  • You feel like you’re running on an endless hamster wheel, working very hard but not really getting anywhere

  • You sense that having an enjoyable life doesn’t have to be a constant uphill battle


My coaching is designed to help you transform your life, no matter where you’re at on your path or what you’re looking to create or change. But my approach might be different from what you’re used to or expecting. I won’t run you through a series of “How To” steps, and you won’t learn any tools or techniques to “apply” to your life. While techniques can be useful at times, their impact is usually temporary, and they often add more thinking and effort that can often undermine the intention for doing them.


In my experience, what really helps people create deep, transformative change is insight -  what they see to be true for themselves about how we work that helps them see life or their circumstances from a completely different perspective. One that is more truthful and in alignment with who they truly are.

When you know how something works, it works better. 

As we work together, we’ll explore the nature of the human experience and how the mind works. Having a deeper, clearer understanding of how you work gives you more solid ground to stand on and opens up a world of new possibilities. Suddenly, many of the problems you had been struggling with simply vanish. The mountains in your life start looking more like molehills. You become more productive with much less effort.  You see that there’s nothing wrong with you that can’t be overcome by what’s right with you. And with a firm foundation of knowing how you work, you feel a more beautiful, richer sense of being alive.


Over the years, people have coached with me to:

  • Find relief from anxiety, stress, and panic attacks

  • Get their dreams out of their head and into the world

  • Have more loving, deeper relationships

  • Improve their dating life

  • Re-ignite the spark and enjoyment of life

  • Unleash their creativity

  • Navigate career changes

  • Overcome fears and unwanted habits

  • Emerge stronger from traumatic life circumstances

  • And so much more…

This 3 to 6 month program consists of regularly scheduled sessions, email and text support, and laser coaching sessions as needed. If you’re interested in learning more, we’ll start with a simple, free coaching conversation to explore your goals and see if working together would be a good fit.


If you’re ready to create an amazing life, I’d love to help get you on the road to success!